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Article on Fairbairn’s structural theory. It is a hefty read but very helpful in understanding
how we relate to people as objects and how this affects us and our relationships.

Article by Al Pelowski, principal of South African Institute
of Cranial Studies. A call in the middle of the night from an overwrought
parent sets Al off to the hospital to help a new born baby who is having
seizures every couple of minutes.

Excerpt from and interview with John Upledger about experiments that
give an insight into how cranio sacral therapists can ‘know without knowing,’
how to place their hands on the right part of the body and then help the
body release.

Wide ranging interview with osteopath Jim Jealous about everything
from the nature of healing to the origins of osteopathy. It is particularly
interesting considering cranio sacral therapy has its origins in osteopathy
which, as he says has been alternative since 1874.

Article by Trish Banks, M.A. who specialises in psychosynthesis and
reflective practice in childcare. This article is a practical blueprint
for navigating the mine field of divorce and separation. The most common
response I have heard about this article is, ‘This would have been great
to know about when my marriage was falling apart.’ (The above link will
bring you to the download page of Trish’s site. The text says you have
been added to her mailing list but you haven’t and won’t be unless you
want to.)

Article by Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. who specialises in chronic and
life-threatening illness. She is also medical director of the Commonwealth
Cancer Help Program. She discuses the interaction between practitioner
and patient.

The story of Claire Sylvia, a heart and lung transplant patient. Her noticed
that her personality changed after the operation. She started drinking
beer, eating fast food and ogling girls – just like the dead boy who helped
her live.

Her story is an excellent example of tissue memory. The idea that memory
is not stored in the brain alone but also in the cells of our bodies.

Big, (check the size before you download) Long and academically written
paper by Allan N. Schore about the way babies bond with their parents
and how that bonding process can be affected by trauma.

Peter Lavine has written excellent books on the effects of trauma. This
article is an excellent introduction to his work.

The Science of Being Great – Size 420 KB

The Science of Geting Rich. – Size 496KB

Three powerful books written by Wallace D Wattles. The remarkable thing
about these books is they were written in 1910.


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