Basics 1

Lesson B1.1.0 —- Orientation.

Lesson B1.2.0 —- Meditation.

Lesson B1.3.0 —- Cranio Sacral Treatment.

Lesson B1.4.0 —- Following Explained.

Lesson B1.5.0 —- Elastic demo

Lesson B1.6.0 —- Indirect and Direct technique.

Lesson B1.7.0 —- Intention.

Lesson B1.8.0 —- Fundamental of Cranio Sacral Therapy approach.

Lesson B1.9.0 —- Tuning in from feet. Approach. Body awareness own and other. Settling.

Lesson B1.10.0 — Directions in Body.

Lesson B1.11.0 — Cranio Sacral System Overview.

Lesson B1.12.0 — Cranio Sacral System in Motion – Flexion / Extension.

Lesson B1.13.0 — Speed of Rhythm – Still pointing.

Lesson B1.14.0 — Still Pointing from feet Demo.

Lesson B1.15.0 — Bone.

Lesson B1.16.0 — Trauma Pattern Formation – Explained.

Lesson B1.17.0 — Following a Limb Demo.

Lesson B1.18.0 — Bones –  Frontal, Parietal, Occiput, Temporals, Sphenoid, Ethmoid & Sacrum.

Lesson B1.19.0 — Membrane System.

Lesson B1.20.0 — Fascia.

Lesson B1.21.0 — Palpation -Quality – Amplitude – Symmetry.

Lesson B1.22.0 — Listening Posts.

Lesson B1.23.0 — Elastic – Hand to Hand with Restriction Demo.

Lesson B1.24.0 — Fascial Release – Explained.

Lesson B1.25.0 — Arm Articulation and Release Demo.

Lesson B1.26.0 — Ventricular system.

Lesson B1.27.0 — Cerebro Spinal Fluid – Produced/Reabsorbed.

Lesson B1.28.0 — Sutures of the Skull.

Lesson B1.29.0 — Foramina of Skull – Foraman Magnum & Jugular Foramina.

Lesson B1.30.0 — Leg Articulation and Release Demo.

Lesson B1.31.0 —  Sacro Iliac Release explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.32.1 — Cranial Bone movement – Frontal Bone.

Lesson B1.32.2 — Cranial Bone movement – Parietal Bones.

Lesson B1.32.3 — Cranial Bone movement – Occiput.

Lesson B1.32.4 — Cranial Bone movement – Sphenoid.

Lesson B1.32.5 — Cranial Bone movement – Temporal  Bones.

Lesson B1.32.6 — Bone movement – Sacrum.

Lesson B1.33.0 — Transverse Sites Explained.

Lesson B1.34.0 — Thoracic Inlet Release Demo.

Lesson B1.35.0 — Respiratory Diaphragm Release Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.36.0 — Sacrum Contact Demo.

Lesson B1.37.0 — Pelvic Diaphragm Release Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.38.0 — Venous Sinuses.

Lesson B1.39.0 — Frontal Lift Explained and Demo.

Lesson B1.40.0 — Parietal Lift Explained and Demo.

Lesson B1.41.0 — Temporal Bone Release – Ear pull Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.42.0 — Sphenobasilar Synchondrosis Compression / Decompression Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.43.0 — Atlanto Occipital Joint Release.

Lesson B1.44.0 — Dural Tube Traction from the Occiput Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.45.0 —  Still point induction from the Occiput Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.46.0 — Treatment Plan Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.47.0 — Patients Sense of Quality.

Lesson B1.48.0 — Contrindications.

Lesson B1.49.0 —  Case Histories.

Learning Outcomes for Basics 1.



9 responses to “Basics 1”

  1. GB Khalsa Avatar
    GB Khalsa

    does anyone know why some of the lessons can be opened like links and others cannot?

    1. John Dalton Avatar
      John Dalton

      The reason some of the lessons are not links is because I haven’t added the lesson yet. Keep checking back.

  2. GB Khalsa Avatar
    GB Khalsa

    for instance i cannot open the elastic demo or

    B1.12.0 or B1.13.0

  3. GB Khalsa Avatar
    GB Khalsa

    Thank you for your response John. It is 3 am here in Austin Texas and I cannot stop reading. I feel as though I have stumbled on King Tut’s tomb !!!
    I have been studying biodynamic CST for a year and a half. All of the information you have compiled here is like a halogen lamp shining into my heart. I have been feeling disheartened as of late but I have been having one epiphany after another as I navigate your site.

    I am so grateful for everything that you are offering.

  4. Deirdre O Connor Avatar
    Deirdre O Connor

    Ditto to what GB KHALSA has said. I am so releived to come across your website and so grateful for all the information you have posted and are posting.

  5. joan fisher Avatar
    joan fisher

    King Tut’s tomb it feels like a treasure chest filled with lots of goodies joan

  6. joan fisher Avatar
    joan fisher

    hi you do not get all the lessons above only some i have been able to read joan

  7. hi john

    love the website it is a great learning tool. From what i have read from some of the comments above i am not the only one not being able to open the links and from what i have read you are still in the process of making the other links work. Love reading your website an idea you could come back to Australia at times and offer hands on workshops, hope that is not to pushy a suggestion.

  8. kim sherlock Avatar
    kim sherlock

    Hi John,
    i am anxious for the lessons to be added.
    Like you, i do not have prior anatomy/physiology background but have the ability to “read” and have been practicing with success for a year.
    How did you begin to study anatomy piece?

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