Basics 2

Lesson B2.1.0 —- Primary Lesions.

Lesson B2.2.0 —- Vertebral Classification.

Lesson B2.3.0 —- Building up a Picture of the Total System Demo.

Lesson B2.4.0 —- Nervous System – Basic Structure of a Neuron.

Lesson B2.5.0 —- Basic Divisions of Nervous System.

Lesson B2.6.0 —- Plexus Demo

Lesson B2.7.0 —- Nervous System – Cervicle Plexus – Dermatomes

Lesson B2.8.0 —- Somatic nerve plexi

Lesson B2.9.0 —- Nervous system mind map

Lesson B2.10.0 — Sphenobasilar Synchondrosis in More Detail.

Lesson B2.11.0 — Sphenobasilar Synchondrosis Flexion/ Extension Lesion.

Lesson B2.12.0 — Sphenobasilar Synchondrosis Torsion Lesion.

Lesson B2.13.0 — Sphenobasilar Synchondrosis Sidebending Lesion.

Lesson B2.14.0 — Sphenobasilar Synchondrosis Lateral Sheer Lesion.

Lesson B2.15.0 — Sphenobasilar Synchondrosis Verticle Sheer Lesion.

Lesson B2.16.0 — Sphenobasilar Synchondrosis Compression Lesion.

Lesson B2.17.0 — Sphenobasilar Synchondrosis Lesion Stacking.

Lesson B2.18.0 — Case Histories Expanded.

Lesson B2.20.0 —  Patient information sheet

Lesson B2.21.0 —  Ball Carrying Game for Leg Movement in Unwinding.

Lesson B2.22.0 — Wrist Release Demo.

Lesson B2.23.0 — Ankle Release Demo.

Lesson B2.24.0 — Rocking the Sacrum.

Lesson B2.25.0 —  Pelvic girdle evaluation demo.

Lesson B2.26.0 —   Pelvic girdle evaluation.

Lesson B2.27.0 —  Working with energy.

Lesson B2.28.0 —  Sensing energy between hands.

Lesson B2.29.0 —   Energy Driving.

Lesson B2.30.0 —  Mastoid tip Compression Demo.

Lesson B2.31.0 —  Sacral contact and Ilia crest evaluation.

Lesson B2.32.0 —  Occiput and Sacral contact Demo

Lesson B2.33.0 —  Dural Tube Release Demo

Lesson B2.34.0 —  Micro Treatment – Demo.


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