Reframing is a technique that has developed out of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for short. It is based on the principle that a different perspective can unleash a lot of power.  Have a look at this video to get an idea of how a different perspective can make a huge difference. You’ll get the… Continue reading Reframing

Lesson B2.27.0 – Working with energy.

What follows is a description of my experience of working with energy in Cranio Sacral Therapy. It is intended as an adjunct to any energy work you may already have experience in. My intention is to explore different ways of working with energy that are very effective with Cranio Sacral Treatment. There are many different ways to look at… Continue reading Lesson B2.27.0 – Working with energy.

B1.3.0 – Cranio Sacral Treatment.

<< Back to Basics 1 syllabus Fundamentally Cranio Sacral Therapy helps remove trauma from the body. This can be physical trauma, like a car accident, a fall on the back steps or a difficult birth. Trauma can also be emotional like a deep shock, prolonged unhappiness or witnessing violence. Trauma leaves an imprint in the… Continue reading B1.3.0 – Cranio Sacral Treatment.

B1.06.0 – Direct – Indirect Technique

<< Back to Basics 1 syllabus HOW ARE RESTRICTIONS RELEASED? We use two approaches ✬ Indirect technique ✬ Direct technique It is through a combination of indirect and direct technique that restrictions can be assisted to release. INDIRECT TECHNIQUE Indirect technique requires the skill of being able to follow the body to the point of… Continue reading B1.06.0 – Direct – Indirect Technique

B1.8.0 – Fundementals of Cranio Sacral Treatment Approach

<< Back to Basics 1 syllabus Every interaction that occurs between a cranio sacral therapist and the person you are treating follows the same general outline. ❍ Tuning in to yourself and then the patient Tuning in means being open to receive whatever the person’s system wants to reveal to you. Tuning in is making… Continue reading B1.8.0 – Fundementals of Cranio Sacral Treatment Approach

B1.7.0 – Intention

<< Back to Basics 1 syllabus [FLOWPLAYER=|,560,350] In the video above I go through the difference between Attention and Intention and how we use intention in craniosacral therapy. Here are some other aspects of intention to consider. We use intention to help restrictions release. Intention has the potential to sound almost mystical. Particularly when the… Continue reading B1.7.0 – Intention

B1.16.0 – Trauma Pattern Formation

<< Back to Basics 1 syllabus You are in the fruit and veg department of the supermarket. You pull a bag from the roll provided. You are talking to your friend as you try to open the bag. You rub the end of the bag between your thumb and finger. After a couple of attempts… Continue reading B1.16.0 – Trauma Pattern Formation