Cranio sacral therapy and bowed legs?

+ CST and bowed legs? – December 05

Hi John,
As always, superb and enjoyable! I feel like an empty sponge,
ready to absorb and learn – the only problem seems that one
tends to forget most of what one has absorbed, at this stage
of ones life!

Have you had any success with bowed legs? Am going to have
to work on a baby about 16 months old. He has nearly all his
teeth (molars too) already which is a bit abnormal? If I hold his
upper legs together, that part looks totally normal, but the lower
legs then cross over with the feet facing nearly sideways.
The problem seems to be in the ankles, so that the legs have to
adapt? I will only be able to see him once a month.
Enjoy your day.
Your Buddy
Cape town


It’s worth checking to see if he was lying in an awkward position
in the womb but I don’t think that is the case here because when
I add the bowed legs to what you’ve said about him having all his
teeth, I think it’s more likely to be a case of a disturbance when
he was developing in the womb.

Think of embryonic development like an orchestra playing a piece
of music. Once the performance starts it plays through to the end.
If one of the musicians makes a mistake or drops their instrument,
the orchestra won’t stop and restart, they just keep going.

Remember that the first 8 weeks of our embryonic life is the time
when all organs, systems and tissues are outlined. If that process
is disturbed or interrupted, we can get all sorts of problems. Cleft
palate is a good example. If the two Maxillae haven’t met by around
the 7th week, then they never meet.

Disturbances to the process after the 8th week will cause problems
in refinement or development of the systems and structures outlined
in the first 8 weeks.

It sounds like your boy has had a bit of both.

That’s great John, what do I do about it?

Getting that developmental piece of music to play again is a bit
like trying to remember on old childhood song. You can remember
bits of it but remembering ALL the words is tricky. It’s the same
with helping a persons system reactivate developmental energetics.
It’s possible but not easy.

The most remarkable demonstration of it I ever had in clinic was an
87 year old man who was in constant pain and loosing power in his
legs from stenosis of his vertebral canal.

During treatment, he managed to access the notocord part of his
embryonic development music and the cells around his vertebral
canal started to migrate away from the area where his physical
notocord used to be, just like they did when he was an embryo.
His vertebral canal consequently got larger and his symptoms
went away. It was bloody remarkable!

That’s great John but how did you facilitate that?

Think of a spy movie. Remember the scene where the rookie spy
was about to walk into the unguarded vault but was stopped by
the older more experienced spy who then sprays an aerosol of
some stuff in the air and reveals a web of infrared sensor beams
and we nod our heads and think, ‘Man, this movie is full of clichés.’

The point of the analogy is you firstly need to know there is
something there, the energetic blueprint in which the developmental
music is contained and secondly you need some of that magic aerosol,
which in our case is our intention.


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