Basics 1

If there are lessons without links it is because I haven’t written them yet. Keep checking back.

Lesson B1.1.0 —- Orientation.

Lesson B1.2.0 —- Meditation.

Lesson B1.3.0 —- Cranio Sacral Treatment.

Lesson B1.4.0 —- Following Explained.

Lesson B1.5.0 —- Elastic demo

Lesson B1.6.0 —- Indirect and Direct technique.

Lesson B1.7.0 —- Intention.

Lesson B1.8.0 —- Fundamental of Cranio Sacral Therapy approach.

Lesson B1.9.0 —- Tuning in from feet. Approach. Body awareness own and other. Settling.

Lesson B1.10.0 — Directions in Body.

Lesson B1.11.0 — Cranio Sacral System Overview.

Lesson B1.12.0 — Cranio Sacral System in Motion – Flexion / Extension.

Lesson B1.13.0 — Speed of Rhythm – Still pointing.

Lesson B1.14.0 — Still Pointing from feet Demo.

Lesson B1.15.0 — Bone.

Lesson B1.16.0 — Trauma Pattern Formation – Explained.

Lesson B1.17.0 — Following a Limb Demo.

Lesson B1.18.0 — Bones –  Frontal, Parietal, Occiput, Temporals, Sphenoid, Ethmoid & Sacrum.

Lesson B1.19.0 — Membrane System.

Lesson B1.20.0 — Fascia.

Lesson B1.21.0 — Palpation -Quality – Amplitude – Symmetry.

Lesson B1.22.0 — Listening Posts.

Lesson B1.23.0 — Elastic – Hand to Hand with Restriction Demo.

Lesson B1.24.0 — Fascial Release – Explained.

Lesson B1.25.0 — Arm Articulation and Release Demo.

Lesson B1.26.0 — Ventricular system.

Lesson B1.27.0 — Cerebro Spinal Fluid – Produced/Reabsorbed.

Lesson B1.28.0 — Sutures of the Skull.

Lesson B1.29.0 — Foramina of Skull – Foraman Magnum & Jugular Foramina.

Lesson B1.30.0 — Leg Articulation and Release Demo.

Lesson B1.31.0 —  Sacro Iliac Release explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.32.1 — Cranial Bone movement – Frontal Bone.

Lesson B1.32.2 — Cranial Bone movement – Parietal Bones.

Lesson B1.32.3 — Cranial Bone movement – Occiput.

Lesson B1.32.4 — Cranial Bone movement – Sphenoid.

Lesson B1.32.5 — Cranial Bone movement – Temporal  Bones.

Lesson B1.32.6 — Bone movement – Sacrum.

Lesson B1.33.0 — Transverse Sites Explained.

Lesson B1.34.0 — Thoracic Inlet Release Demo.

Lesson B1.35.0 — Respiratory Diaphragm Release Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.36.0 — Sacrum Contact Demo.

Lesson B1.37.0 — Pelvic Diaphragm Release Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.38.0 — Venous Sinuses.

Lesson B1.39.0 — Frontal Lift Explained and Demo.

Lesson B1.40.0 — Parietal Lift Explained and Demo.

Lesson B1.41.0 — Temporal Bone Release – Ear pull Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.42.0 — Sphenobasilar Synchondrosis Compression / Decompression Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.43.0 — Atlanto Occipital Joint Release.

Lesson B1.44.0 — Dural Tube Traction from the Occiput Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.45.0 —  Still point induction from the Occiput Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.46.0 — Treatment Plan Explanation and Demo.

Lesson B1.47.0 — Patients Sense of Quality.

Lesson B1.48.0 — Contrindications.

Lesson B1.49.0 —  Case Histories.

Learning Outcomes for Basics 1.