Lesson B1.4.0 – Following Explained.

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Following the Body is a skill that takes a lot of practice to get proficient at. It is like singing along to a song. It requires you to keep in time and in tune so that your singing harmonises with the music. The combination of the music and your singing produces something more than the individual components.

If you put your body in a flotation tank it will generally start to move. The movement is your body responding to the gravity free environment and beginning to unravel its restrictions.

It is like a big piece of cellophane that has been you crinkled. When it is let it go it begins to unravel.

Following the body means providing this gravity free environment in which the body begins to move. The movement leads to the release of restrictions. To get to that point you need to develop the skill of following the body without interfering with its movement. To provide the support without making an impression.
The skill comes in following the dance.

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