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I think it’s important to meet up with other therapists whenever possible.
There is always an interesting interchange of ideas and approaches and
highlights the common ground.

Just before Christmas 08 I caught up with Shaheena Sultan-Harkner,
a dentist and cranio sacral therapist, who has recently moved to Dublin
with her young family from South Africa.

In October 08 I had a visit from Mary Nolan, another South African
cranio sacral therapist.  She was in Dublin for a few days and got in touch.

In March 08 I caught up with Orla Foley. Her practice is in Killaloe
but she was in Dublin for the weekend and we had a very pleasant
lunch together.

In February 08 my wife and I were in Berlin for the Berlin film
festival and while we were there we caught up with Nica Berndt-Caccivio
and her husband.

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