Super Intention- Cranio Sacral Therapy Seminar in South Africa

“How can I feel more?”

This is the question most people in cranial work ask themselves.
The more we can feel the more effective we are.

This dynamic seminar will help unlock the power of intention giving you access to deeper levels of tactile perception regardless of whether you are just starting out or have years of experience under your belt.

Delivered by John Dalton, international cranio sacral trainer and founder of Open Source Cranio, this seminar will help you develop what John calls Super Intention, the sort of intention you would only expect a Superhero to have.

“There will be very little chalk-and-talk in this seminar. It will be hands on and action stations from the word go.”

The focus will be on using Super Intention to gain deeper insights into the systems of the people you treat.
It will also provide you with a practical way of working with other therapists to help you monitor and refine your Super Intention skills. An approach you can use in the months and years to come after the seminar.

It is in keeping with John’s philosophy of mentor based cranio sacral training. It addresses the first steps in becoming a mentor by laying the foundation for a way of working as a mentor with upcoming cranio sacral students. For students it gives an understanding of what is involved in cranio sacral assessment and how working with a mentor can assist them in their cranio sacral training.

Some of the topics addressed in the seminar.

  • Physical contact versus intentional contact.
  • How to use intention to hold a room – very handy for treating children.
  • Invisible intention.
  • The difference between Intention and thinking.
  • How to use intention to monitor the effect of another therapist.
  • Intentional entrainement.
  • How to modulate your intention.
  • The difference between Attention and Intention.
  • The use of Super Intention in treatment.

The seminar will involve a lot of direct individual feedback from John with opportunities for questions and second opinions for difficult cases.

Contact Donovan on 082 928 5692 or donovan (at) for more info.


One response to “Super Intention- Cranio Sacral Therapy Seminar in South Africa”

  1. Arthur John Rosen Avatar
    Arthur John Rosen

    Hi John,

    I hope you had a good trip back home and you’re both well!

    Your SUPER INTENTION workshop was absolutely amazing and came at just the right time for me (I have been practicing approx 5 years now). I have been aware of wanting to ‘go deeper’, but just didn’t know how to get there. Now I do!

    When you said that you didn’t want us to take notes I felt a bit uncomfortable (guess that was the accountant in me), but I loved being able to experience everything – it makes it so much more real!

    I am applying the new knowledge in my treatments and I believe that my patients are receiving better treatments. I also feel more confident as a result of my heightened state of awareness and intention. Thank you so much for this. You are a great teacher, John!

    I am also most appreciative of the ‘after hours’ time that we spent together. Drinking wine on the Hean’s ‘stoep’ and getting to know you was great and a wonderful memory.
    Reflexology is great, but Cranio is just so much more!

    Kind regards and best wishes to you and your wife.

    Here’s to greater awareness and intention!

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