Cranio Sacral Therapist and Student Newsletter 24

June 08 – 2007 Questions and comments for this issue: + Do I use Somato emotional release? Hello, If you sent me an email towards the end of May and I didn’t reply, I’m not ignoring you and I am interested, no really. Sorry, . . what were you saying? My email server dropped the… Continue reading Cranio Sacral Therapist and Student Newsletter 24

‘Am I making it up?’

+ What I feel with my hands, am I making it up? – September 05 Mr Dalton. I feel I am at a crossroads in my craniosacral training. I have been studying CST for six months. I have listened carefully to my trainers. I have read books on CST. I understand the fluid mechanics of… Continue reading ‘Am I making it up?’

B1.16.0 – Trauma Pattern Formation

<< Back to Basics 1 syllabus You are in the fruit and veg department of the supermarket. You pull a bag from the roll provided. You are talking to your friend as you try to open the bag. You rub the end of the bag between your thumb and finger. After a couple of attempts… Continue reading B1.16.0 – Trauma Pattern Formation