Teaching family members

+ Teaching family members basic techniques? – October 06 Hey John, thanks yet again for the e-newsletter. As always, and I don’t know how you do it, you’ve included material that prompts me to write. Usually I’m too preoccupied with matters here in SA to respond. But here is one SA real world question /… Continue reading Teaching family members

Social Page

I think it’s important to meet up with other therapists whenever possible. There is always an interesting interchange of ideas and approaches and highlights the common ground. Just before Christmas 08 I caught up with Shaheena Sultan-Harkner, a dentist and cranio sacral therapist, who has recently moved to Dublin with her young family from South… Continue reading Social Page

Cranio Sacral Therapy Schools

Australia\ Austria \ Argentina \ Brazil \ Bahamas \ China \ Canada \ Czech Republic \ Denmark \ Finland \ Germany \ Greece \ India \ Ireland \ Iceland \ Italy \ Japan \ New Zealand \ Norway \ Portugal \ Singapore \ Slovenia \ South Africa \ Spain \ Sweden \ Switzerland \ United… Continue reading Cranio Sacral Therapy Schools

Cape Town Report – November 04

I was invited to teach a Post Graduate Seminar to Cranio Sacral Therapists in Cape Town. The seminar was titled, ‘Expanding the Base.’ and I’m finally getting around to writing something about my trip. In short, it was a great success. The teaching side of it went particularly well, the participants got a chance to… Continue reading Cape Town Report – November 04