Cranio Sacral Therapist and Student Newsletter 40

May 11 – 2009 Questions and comments for this issue: + Follow on comments about tinnitus + Will the Open Source Cranio training materials be enough or do I need a school? + Is entrainment the same as hypnosis? Hello, You’ve wondered ‘What the bleep?’ You’ve discovered ‘The Secret.’   Well now get ready for… Continue reading Cranio Sacral Therapist and Student Newsletter 40

Craniosacral Therapy Masterclass Series

There’s a lot more to cranio sacral practice than vault holds and energy cysts.  The reality of helping people who are sick and in pain can be very challenging and confronting.  Cranio sacral therapy can be lonely isolated work with a big space to have your confidence dwindle. Do any of the following sound familiar? In your practice… Continue reading Craniosacral Therapy Masterclass Series