Below are websites I recommend to students studying cranio sacral therapy.
If you have a favorite website that you feel really helped you in your training
or practice and you don’t see it listed here then send me the title and a short
review of it and I will list it.

Visible Body
Below is a demo for Visible Body I encourage you to register for
the free service they offer so you can begin to see the anatomical
structures in 3D .

Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake’s facinating work on Morphic Resonance

Fred Alan Wolf
Website of Quantum Physisicist Dr Fred Alan Wolf

Kelly Howel
Kelly Howel’s excellent podcast site with information and links to many cutting edge sources of research and information.

What the Bleep?

Website for the community that has grown up around the movie, ‘What the Bleep?’



  1. Hey John,
    really enjoying your website – besides all the practical information I enjoy that it gives me a sense of being connected with other craniosacral therapists, especially through your newsletters.
    I was wondering if you could say something about the integragtion process? How to integrate a session for the client particularly if they have done some emotional work – I get a bit lost here – I do the work, and its beautiful, maybe we have about 10 mins left, and I don’t want to start another process but rather spend some time with the body allowing the information to settle.
    In terms of cranio are there ‘settling techniques’
    which help the body absorb the session? Stillpoints of course – but what else can you recommend that won’t start another process?
    Had a dream last night about the integrating I did with a client last night, and was told I did fine – but the doubter in me always feels there’s some more I could have done.
    Look forward to hearing from you,

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