What does the blueprint feel like?

+ What does the blueprint feel like? – November 07

Hi John
I would like to know a bit more about working with Cerebral Palsy.
What is the best approach? Is there any chance for the person to
recover some of their functions or is it too much to ask to the body?
I suppose it requires to go back to the blueprint.

Your comments about the blueprint in the last newsletter were
very interesting. My only problem is that I am a kinaesthetic
kind of person and images don’t talk to me very much. Could
you tell me how the blue print feels so I know that what I feel
under my hands is the blueprint or something else. This would
be very useful for me.
Thank you.
Odile, Brisbane.
Odile Grisel


Hello Odile,
Thank you for your email.
I have had some good success with cerebral palsy and I’ve had
some no-change-at-all’s. When I think about what was common
among the successes the main thing was that the people were young.
Under 3yrs old.

When treating cerebral palsy I generally find myself working with
the nervous system. From the hemisphere of the brain involved
out to the periphery. Following the nerves, working to enhance
the integrity where it is diminished.

I have heard some therapists say they find lots of limb unwinding
very useful to unlock the central restrictions. I haven’t found that
myself but pass it on in case you find it useful.

I never think of treatment in terms of, ‘Is this too much to ask of the
body?’ At this stage I have seen so many apparent ‘miracles’ that I
know the body is capable of anything. So it is never a case of CAN
this happen but more a case of IS it going to happen?

It can often be a blueprint problem, which leads me to your second
question about describing what the blueprint feels like without using

I had to put my thinking cap on for that one.
Here’s what I got. To me, the blueprint feels very whispy and mist-like,
but not moist. It feels like touching a smoke ring that pulses with
flexion and extension and releases like solid tissue.

Phew! Okay I’m going to take my thinking cap off now because my
head is hurting.


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